Call for Papers

On behalf of the Editorial Board we have the honor to send you this Call for Papers for the e-HotelLink journal No 3, 2023. The Journal e-HotelLink is open to teaching and research academics, educators, professionals, representatives of the hospitality and tourism industry and institutions from all over the world with an interest in the subject of tourism and hospitality.

The main objective of this Journal is to encourage research in different scientific fields, as well as to analyze innovative work in various branches of the hotel and tourism industry. We perceive e-HotelLink as a tool which bridges the gap between the academic community and industry, by intellectual exchange of ideas, trends and paradigmatic changes in the fields of the hospitality industry and gastronomy. The Journal also aspires to contribute to the interdisciplinary approach with the aim to solve some vital problems the hospitality is facing in the context of the prompt economic changes and the altered geopolitical architecture of the world and Europe.

The key topic of the forthcoming E-HotelLink edition is The Sustainability Concept as the Future of Hospitality Business Operations

Specific topics:

  • Sustainable Practices in Hospitality
  • The Digital Era as part of Guest Experience Improvement
  • The Use of Robotics in Hospitality
  • The Application of Service Personalisation in the Hotel Industry
  • A Journey through the Wine Culture
  • Creativity and Innovation in the Restaurant Management
  • The Social Responsibility in Hospitality
  • The Role and Significance of F&B Managers in the Profit Planning using the Menu Analysis
  • Trends in Gastronomy
  • Healthy and Balanced Diet from the Local Sources
  • The Gastronomy Journey: The Culinary Destination Research
  • Marketing in Hospitality
  • Gastronomy and Arts: Plating Painting, Sculpture and Creativity
  • The Molecular Gastronomy Trends
  • The Use of Untypical Groceries and Methods in the Culinary Arts
  • Standards and Protocols for Provision of High-Quality Food, Allergen Management, Hygiene and Food Safety
  • Traditional and modern confectionery and baking
  • The Language Aspects in Hospitality
  • The Importance and Principles of Sustainable Tourism

The Editorial Board will take into consideration and accept only the reviewed papers fully in line with the journal’s profile and editing policy.

Important dates:

Delivery of the abstract: October, 6th 2023.
Notice of acceptance of the abstract: October, 20th 2023.
Submission of the paper: October, 27th 2023.
Notice of acceptance of the paper: November, 24th 2023.
Publication of the journal: December, 15th 2023.